Big Kelly’s Spices provides you a variety of seasonings according to your taste and flavor. We believe to prepare and deliver the great quality products with the best packaging so the product will retain its true taste and smell. Some of our products are as follows:

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Our Customer's Reviews

Just used the Spicy spice mix on air fried chicken. Perfectly blended with just enough spice. So good I forgot to take a pic!

Alyssa Marie

Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Big Kellys Spices gave our grilled shrimp a kick. It wasn’t overpowering or salty but just the right mix. Thank you!

Shanta Jack

Been using this on everything since I got it. Deviled eggs, chicken, shrimp, mac and cheese. All three spices are 🔥

Shawn Elliott

Try the sunshine ranch on popcorn. so good

Susie Limorin

it's specially blended to perfection

Chrelle Tibbs