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Big Kelly’s Spices is a small business based in Florida.

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Big Kelly’s Spices is a small business based in Florida. This business started from a love of cooking instilled in me by my father, Big Kelly. The seasonings are created to take the average food to the next level. As “Next Level Deliciousness” is our slogan and overall goal.

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It is an all-purpose seasoning which is used for all types of dishes. We have prepared this type of seasoning with different basic ingredients which can be used for every type of dish.

Dirt road

This seasoning is a perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavor. It includes molasses, cane sugar, red peppers and chili powders.


This seasoning is a combination of bold spicy Cajun flavors. from cayenne, paprika and garlic powder combined with soothing ranch which includes mild sour and sour cream.

Big Kelly’s Spices

Our slogan “Next level deliciousness” is conveying the true meaning of our business as we tend to provide customers with best quality spices. Converting any normal dish to extra special is our priority. Therefore, we choose the ingredients wisely and are of good quality. Big Kelly is providing all sorts of seasonings to satisfy all taste buds. These spices are used for variety of dishes such as chicken, beef, pork vegetables and seafood. The goal of Big Kelly is to provide best customer service and deliver the great quality products.


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Big Kelly’s Spices

We ensure to provide you with the rich and aromatic spices to your taste and flavor. Big Kelly’s Spices also known as BK is a spice business which started in Florida. The business was started because of my love for cooking and was instilled to me by my father, Big Kelly. BK specializes in producing and delivering the seasonings of the best ingredients and taste.


Our Customer's Reviews

Just used the Spicy spice mix on air fried chicken. Perfectly blended with just enough spice. So good I forgot to take a pic!

Alyssa Marie

Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Big Kellys Spices gave our grilled shrimp a kick. It wasn’t overpowering or salty but just the right mix. Thank you!

Shanta Jack

Been using this on everything since I got it. Deviled eggs, chicken, shrimp, mac and cheese. All three spices are 🔥

Shawn Elliott

Try the sunshine ranch on popcorn. so good

Susie Limorin

it's specially blended to perfection

Chrelle Tibbs